Our PTA is made up of a hard-working team of volunteers, both parents & teachers, who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Below highlights just some of the responsibilities carried out by each board member (summarized from current Kerr PTA Standing Rules). For more detailed information please see our Governing Rules page - descriptions of various positions and committees may be found in our Standing Rules.


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  • Serve as a liaison between this Local PTA and the school.
  • Serve as a community service liaison between this Local PTA and other local PTAs/Allen ISD.
  • Attend AISD Council and President meetings and monthly principal planning meetings.
  • Reserve meeting spaces for membership and executive board meetings and provide meetings agendas.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding president.

VP Volunteers

  • Encourage participation by parents in school programs and activities.
  • Host volunteer orientation and training at the beginning of the school year and volunteer recognition at the end of the school year.
  • Coordinate volunteers and supplies for Veterans Day Celebration in conjunction with the school’s Veterans Day Committee.
  • Coordinate volunteers for events and class parties, as needed, or assist Homeroom parents, as needed. 5. Coordinate volunteers for bulletin board assistance.
  • Serve as coordinator for the 6th Grade Graduation, as necessary.
  • Coordinate volunteers for school administration or staff as needed (for example: Run Club, Field Day, copy room, etc.). 
  • Assist officers and Standing Committee Chairs in obtaining volunteers for other events and programs.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding volunteer chair.

VP Programs

  • Review the current state program guides for Texas PTA funded programs and ensure that each Kerr program has complete planning, publicity, and presentations.
  • Coordinate the following programs (based on student interest and volunteer availability): Culture Share, Destination Imagination, Math Club, Student Education and Grade Level Programs, the annual Spelling Bee, and Parent Education Programs.
  • Appoint and coordinate family programs and community events committees as necessary.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding vice president of programs.

VP Ways & Means

  • Provide plans to this Local PTA on how to raise funds necessary for the work of this Local PTA for the school year.
  • Oversee and/or coordinate all fundraising events for this Local PTA.
  • Appoint and coordinate a Ways and Means committee as necessary.
  • Meet with all Ways and Means Committee chairs (including, but not limited to, Comet Craze, Fun Fest, Book Fair) to keep advised of their progress and report to the PTA president.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding vice president of ways and means.

VP Membership

  • Be responsible for all campaigns for Kerr Elementary PTA membership.
  • Maintain membership records.
  • Provide a membership roster for the Secretary’s permanent file.
  • Ensure membership lists and dues are sent to Texas PTA by appropriate report dates.
  • Organize the Life Membership Committee and may serve as its chair.
  • Apply for membership awards from Texas PTA. 7. Arrange for membership meeting catering, budget permitting. 
  • Appoint and coordinate a membership committee as needed.
  • Be responsible for providing an updated membership list to the Financial Reconciliation Committee.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding vice president of membership.


  • Know and follow the rules and regulations of the Texas PTA.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding treasurer.
  • Be familiar with and utilize the same wording as the latest financial reconciliation form from the Treasurer’s Procedure Book.


  • Keep track of all written procedure books for all executive board positions and file them each year.
  • Keep a written record of all PTA-related passwords.
  • Serve as historian or appoint and coordinate a committee, as needed: take pictures (or have a group of volunteers to do so at PTA sponsored events); collect and preserve documents relating to PTA events for the school year.
  • Bind and file all minutes from all meetings. 
  • Ensure that the Treasurer has been provided with all approved minutes leading up to a financial reconciliation. 
  • Create and update as necessary a written record of the Executive Board Roster.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding secretary.


  • Be appointed by the President.
  • Keep track of the bylaws and standing rules and refresh the President on bylaws and standing rules, as needed. 
  • Relay information pertaining to the bylaws and standing rules at all membership meetings and Executive Board meetings.
  • Lead the updating of the bylaws and standing rules as needed and/or every three (3) years or as otherwise required by the Texas PTA.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding parliamentarian.

Community Relations Chair

  • Attend Allen Council of PTA meetings and report relevant information back to the Executive Board and membership.
  • Regularly update the PTA members on Texas PTA and National PTA legislative initiatives.
  • Liaison with Allen Council Community Relations.
  • Work to supply students in need (to be identified by the School Counselor and will remain confidential) with clothes, foods, etc via donations and direct purchases.
  • Serve as relationship manager for all corporate programs and local business fundraisers.
  • Manage the Box Top for Education program.
  • Evaluate and schedule spirit nights.
  • Establish and/or renew reward card programs
  • Appoint and coordinate committees for the aforementioned duties as necessary.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding Community Relations Chair.

Arts in Education Chair

  • Coordinate and support the Art Sparks program based on the direction of the Art Teacher, including working with the staff to set a schedule of presentations and recruiting volunteers.
  • Be responsible for any necessary Art Sparks supplies.
  • Promote and organize the National PTA annual Reflections program at Kerr and organize a display of artwork submitted at the membership meeting following the submission deadline.
  • Form a committee of at least three (3) individuals to choose campus Reflections winners.
  • Take Reflections winner’s art to the council for the next level of judging.
  • Return entrant’s art pieces as soon as possible.
  • Pursue training and assistance where available through Allen council of PTAs.
  • Appoint and coordinate an Arts in Education committee, as necessary.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding arts in the education chair.

Healthy Lifestyles Chair

  • Work with Allen ISD and the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to support district wellness policies and lifestyle initiatives.
  • Meet with school staff to determine specific needs and interests related to healthy lifestyles. 
  • Coordinate school-wide efforts to support healthy children.
  • Plan and promote Red Ribbon Week 
  • Serve as the Allen Eagle Run coordinator and promote this run to Kerr Elementary students, parents, and staff. 
  • Develop programs and projects that will enhance the beauty of the school and community.
  • Promote environmental education and publicize and promote student participation.
  • Coordinate the annual Walk to School Day.
  • Appoint and coordinate a healthy living committee, as necessary.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding healthy living chair.

Hospitality Chair

  • Serve as Snack Cart Coordinator: purchase snacks and drinks for the PTA snack cart once a month (or as often as scheduled) during the school year and coordinate volunteers to pass out snacks.
  • Serve as Staff Appreciation Coordinator. Host events to show the PTA’s appreciation for the teachers and staff throughout the school year (for example: first day of school lunch, book fair preview meal or snacks, Open House Night dinner) and set up a theme and ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Serve as Special Events Coordinator: Oversee and plan all special events for staff as they may arise.
  • Coordinate teacher and staff birthdays: a. Compile faculty favorite things. b. Coordinate access to faculty favorites for parents with the communications chair, as necessary. c. Remind parents of upcoming birthdays in Galaxy Press and coordinate the room parents. d. Write PTA birthday cards for all staff members.
  • Appoint and coordinate committees for the aforementioned duties as necessary.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding hospitality chair.

Communications Chair

  • Be responsible for the writing, designing, publication and distribution of the school newsletter.
  • Responsible for updating the Kerr Elementary PTA website content on a regular basis.
  • Research and purchase website and domain name on annual basis.
  • Administer the Kerr Elementary PTA Facebook Group and other social media.
  • Help with electronic flyers and any other graphic arts needed for promotion of School and PTA events.
  • Responsible for keeping the marquee current, coordinating through the office
  • Responsible for keeping the PTA bulletin board current.
  • Review all flyers, articles, or other communication to be disseminated to the public and proofread for errors and accuracy, then forward to the president for final approval.
  • Appoint and coordinate committees for the aforementioned duties as necessary.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding Communications Chair, including website, newsletter chair, and social media functions.

WatchDOGS Chair

  • Working with the School Counselor, organize fathers and father figures (grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles and other father figures) to provide positive role models for the students and enhance school security.
  • Recruit volunteers and schedule volunteers based on the designated schedule received from the School Counselor.
  • Keep a calendar of the volunteer schedule.
  • Remind volunteers to complete their AISD background check, wear their official WatchDOGS shirt on their designated day of service.
  • Be responsible for ordering the renewal kit supplies each year, as necessary. Coordinate Fall and Spring Recruiting events (such as the Pizza Night and Donuts with Dads).
  • Appoint and coordinate a Watch D.O.G.S. committee as necessary. 
  • Be responsible for training the succeeding Watch D.O.G.S. chair.

Family Engagement Chair

  • Plan Afterschool Family Events such as a fall family event, and/or spring family event (separate from Fun Fest for example, and ice cream social before STAAR testing).
  • Serve as Welcome Team Coordinator: oversee playdates for incoming kindergartners and other grade levels as needed; coordinate family welcoming opportunities at Meet the Teacher Night, and prepare a plan for student welcoming initiatives (kindergarten orientation event, newcomer events throughout the school if necessary, etc.)
  • Determine theme, game, activities and food vendors for each event.
  • Promote each event. 5. Coordinate volunteers to set up, break down, and collect money, if applicable, at each event. 
  • Coordinate with P.E. department to provide needed field day stations as the approved PTA budget allows.
  • Work within budget guidelines for each event.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding family engagement chair.

School Supplies and Apparel Chair

  • Coordinate School Supply Ordering and Delivery: a. Coordinate with school administration at the beginning of each calendar year to pass on to the teachers the needed supply lists for each grade (price, etc.) and submit the school’s supply list by grade level to the supply company (EPI, etc.) by mid-February (or specified deadline) of each year for the ordering of school supplies for the next school year, specifically in time for Kindergarten registration each spring. b. Have information available for ordering of supplies at every Kindergarten Orientation. c. Ensure that ordering information is disseminated to families by regular communication channels in April (or when necessary).
  • Upon executive board approval of spirit wear designs, coordinate the production and sale of spirit wear and grade level shirts for the students and staff, which may or may not include shirts, sweatshirts, car decals, etc.
  • Manage the relationship with the vendor and keep the PTA executive board informed of design decisions, prices, deadlines, etc.
  • Manage the inventory and sale of those items at all PTA events throughout the year.
  • Try to keep inventory to a minimum and prices competitive.
  • Appoint and coordinate committees for the aforementioned duties as necessary.
  • Be responsible for orienting the succeeding spirit wear chair.

Teacher Liaison (Kerr Teacher)

  • The Teacher Liaison shall be appointed by the president upon recommendation of the principal and with the approval of the executive board. The Secretary shall maintain a record of the Teacher Liaison.
  • The Teacher Liaison shall serve as a communication link between faculty, staff and this Local PTA.
  • The Teacher Liaison shall solicit staff input.
  • Schedule permitting, the Teacher Liaison shall attend all association meetings and all Executive Board meetings.



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