Welcome to the Room Parent Page! We are so excited to have you as Room Parents this year and know that our Teachers appreciate you! Please see the list below for important information on procedure as well as the most current list of Faculty Favorites. 

  • Check in with your teacher monthly to see if they need anything. Room parents can be asked to assist the teachers directly that are not coordinated by the PTA. 
  • Assist with decorating the door for Veteran’s Day. (Craft paper is available in the art room, and there are die cut letters in the copy room). More information will be sent out closer to the date. 
  • If there is any need to communicate with the class outside the approved templates (listed below), please coordinate through the Volunteer Coordinator (vpvolunteers@kerrcometspta.org), or your teacher.
  • You can add a link to their favorites list (these are listed on the PTA website, under Teachers-Faculty Favorites). The teacher's birthdays are also listed on there, so be sure to check to see what date your teacher’s birthday is! 2022-2023 Faculty Favorites
  • If you teacher’s birthday is during the summer, on a holiday, during a school break or possibly early in the school year and you missed it, please coordinate with the teacher on an alternative day to celebrate. Some teachers will celebrate their “1/2” birthday. 
  • Please note that you cannot request money from other parent to buy a “group gift” as this is against AISD policies. 
  • Class parties are held in December (winter party) and May (end of year). The volunteer coordinator will be sending out more information on the parties as those dates become closer. 
  • This year the PTA will be providing all room parents with the necessary supplies to carry out the class parties. 


Next Room Parent Duty: WINTER PARTIES

    • What is it?  All of the winter parties will be held on Thursday, December 15th. Each classroom will be hosting their own 45-minute parties but will be coordinated and setup as a grade level. Party times for each grade will be staggered to relieve congestion in the hallways. The lead grade room parents will be organizing the parties with their teacher and reaching out to the rest of their grade parents for assistance. (i.e. Mrs. Ramsey’s room parent will be responsible for contacting all of the Kindergarten room parents to arrange supplies and setup). Please reference the previously sent email for details. 
    • What you need to do: Reminder to send out a secondary reminder to the classroom parents for party donations. Kindly use this link to write the completed dates next to your teacher once you’ve sent out your classroom emails and coordinated the party supplies: 2022 Room Parents Winter Party Checklist. This will allow me to contact/follow-up with anyone that may be in need of assistance.  
      • Lead grade room parents: If you have not yet, please make sure to reach out to your teacher ASAP to find out the time of your party, what items they will need, and contact your other grade level parents!
        • All room parents contact information is available hereRoom Parent Contact Info It is on the second worksheet found at the bottom.
      • Room parents: Work with your lead grade room parent and other grade level room parents to purchase the items and supplies needed. Decide on what time to meet and divide up the supplies on December 15th to bring to your own classrooms. 
    • Supplies:  Your lead grade room parent will find out from their teacher what items need to be purchased. It should essentially be a snack, drink and craft. The PTA will advise the budget available per grade shortly as donations are still coming in. 
      • Just an FYI, it is much easier for our PTA Treasurer if one person from each grade purchases all of the supplies and submits for reimbursement.
    • I can’t do it – what do I do?:  If you are not able to host your winter party, then please ask class helpers, ask your teacher to ask for volunteers in their newsletter or see if other room parents are willing to help.  If you absolutely cannot find anyone to help you out, let me know as soon as possible and I will find someone to help by creating a signup which can be sent out to a broader audience.



Veteran's Day Door - Important Information for Room Parents 


This year, each grade will display a different theme for their Veteran's Day Door decor. Please see the below images and themes for inspiration/ideas for your grade-level doors. Classroom doors are 35.75 inches wide by 83 inches tall. Please keep in mind there is a window that needs to remain uncovered.


“Kerr has bulletin board paper that can be used. Currently, there is no camouflage or navy blue. However, there is medium blue, red, white, black, green, yellow, orange and brown. Please do not worry as there’s no pressure to make the doors 3D or too elaborate. We appreciate your support and all that you do for Kerr!” - Kerr Elementary Staff




Questions? Reach out to our VP of Volunteers, Ada Ghanie at vpvolunteers@kerrcometspta.org. 

























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